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PETA is actually asking for the Keene city council to pass an ordinance on banning the chaining of dogs because 6-years old girl was mauled by pit bull last month.

Mayor Roy Robinson got a letter on Tuesday, according to which Billie Jean Cain was attacked last month by dog, when the dog got himself free from the chain. Candace Hertzel, legislative and outreach specialist for the animal rights organization, said PETA received many e-mails and phone calls about the attack.

Hertzel said, a chained dog is three times more dangerous than unchained dogs and also they are most likely to attack. That’s why we reach out in those situations. Dogs are very social animals and chaining them can lead to frustration and territorial behavior. In the community like Keene it’s difficult to keep dog from roaming because there are many homes on large lots.

Robinson said it’s different in cities as I would not think of chaining a dog unless there is no other option left to me. But it will create a problem if we will not let anyone to chain a dog. The city has a small shelter which means that animals can’t be kept for a long time.

She said she hopes Keene will follow the lead of other Texas cities, such as Fort Worth, Irving and Dallas, which do not allow the dogs to be tethered outdoors except in limited circumstances.

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