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On Thursday in Burlington, a naked woman with body painted as snake skin walks aound with the hopes that local shoppers will help the snake remain in the jungle.

The local People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals chapter describes as a “Naked PETA Beauty” and she will show her naked body at the corner of church and main streets Thursday starting at noon in hopes of raising awareness for PETA causes. Hunt said that “she will be glad to bare some of her skin if that can save the animals skin.”

Hunt also wants people not to buy exotic animal skin boots and clothes. She also said that said shoppers should know that exotic animals are skinned alive, beaten to death, or killed for their skins in other cruel ways.

PETA promotes Hunt’s effort by announcing that most of the leather sold in United States comes from cows. The other species like snakes, alligators and kangaroos are are hunted and killed particularly for their skin.

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