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On September 23rd, Activists of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, urged Kochi Corporation to accomplish their consent to sterilize community dogs. The educational event was part of PETA and DAYA’s efforts to fight animal overpopulation. They were seen handing out leaflets on Animal Birth Control (ABC) and holding placards, which read ‘Cochin, Don’t Be Blind to Dog Suffering, Support Sterilization’.

Activists said controlling animal overpopulation by cruel killing methods will only cause immense suffering and it does not provide effective rabies control or reduce population size in the long term. Even if the law has banned cruel killing of community dogs and necessitate local authorities to sterilize them, PETA has received reports that Kochi’s dogs are being roughly handled and cruelly killed in order to control their population. ABC said “sterilizing one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilizing a female cat can prevent 4.2 lakh births in seven years and when people do not sterilize, their buddy animals, dogs and cats get abandoned on the streets. Sterilizing animals also helps it live longer, healthier and are less likely to roam, fight or bite.

Madhuri Deshmukh, Campaign Coordinator for PETA India said “individuals must sterilize their animal companions in order to reduce the number of them suffering and dying on the street. She also indicated people should always adopt homeless animals instead of buying from pet stores or breeders”.

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