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While addressing the crowd at one of the Medical Education Workshop,  organised by Peta, on the “Alternatives to the use of animals in labs ” in JIPMER on !7th of Jan Prof.Raveendran said that the software ExPharm could minimize the use of lab animals. ExPharm is a computer assisted learning software package that aims at cutting down the number of lab animals used for experiments.

Expharm was developed in 1989 but was put to use only in 1994 due to the lack of hardware requirements. The package was first used to demonstrate the effect of drugs in blood pressure and heart rates of dogs.  They developed a set of computer simulated alternatives to animals. The experiments could be repeated and did away with the use of live animals. Prof. Reveendran states that the package is interractive, user friendly and consists of animated sequences that make the experiment seem real. The package can be used for any animal system. The usage of frogs,rats , pigs, mice,rabbits,dogs has gone down, thanks to ExPharm.

With the 1.2 Lakh extended to him Prof.Raveendran distributed 3000 free CDs to colleges in India and abroad. He also distributed 1000 Cds through Mahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp Center for Alternatives to the use of animals in Life Science Education(MGDCA). The software can also be downloaded from the MGDCA website for free . The advanced version ” ExPharm Pro”  is also to hit the commercial markets shortly.

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