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      There are over 200 species of Angler Fish. But the most amazing of them all is the Deep sea Angler. Since in the depths of the oceans the pressure is high and the life density is low and light is virtually nil The anglers have come up with a ingeneous solution.The female has a extension over the head that houses a torch like illumination. With this bait it lures the prey to itself.

Female Angler


The female is much larger and the male is smaller and looks a lot different. Initially the males and the Females were considered to be two different species. But studies showed otherwise.


Male angler biting and fusing into the Female



The male angler attaches itself to the female by biting on to it. It fuses into the female and loses all organs and finally just becomes a aprt of the female and a source of sperms. Earlier days scientists thought that those were parasites.


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