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Peta has undertaken another mission. This time its bound to attract the attention of the animal lovers all over the world. Peta has always urged its activists to be loud and clear without fear. And now Peta has brought to light the inhumane killing of homeless animals in Ukraine.



The practice in Ukraine to kill the homeless animals can be stated nothing less than barbaric. The question arises “Would you do that if it were your pet?” This does not end here. The common practice is to poison the animals and to throw their bodies into crimation trucks or set them on fire when they are still very much alive ! Stats states that already 20,000 dogs have been killed similarly.


The authorities are trying to idy up their country for the European Football Championship. Peta is also seeking the participation from the European Football association. Many German football players have openly stated their support for Peta and are expressing their disgust against these cruel actions of the Ukranean Government.  If bringing down the animal population or the homeless animal population is the motive then this can be done using scientific methods.

  • Population control can be done . This though will not reflect results immediately in few years time massive reduction population is garenteed.  
  • Instead of buying animals from the pet store people can adopt the ones from the street and also provide them with cozy homes.


Simple means can ensure solution to this problem. We as activists should present these to the authorities and persuade them to adopt the most animal friendly way to sort this problem. Show your concern by filling out your response here.

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