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Iditarod race that forces dogs to run hundreds of miles can cause serious health problems not only during the race but also even after the race when they fail to recover from the strenuous combat.

Running hundreds of miles in the snow, pulling the ledge, competing, working with the pack can be so stressful for the dogs. It can also cause serious health conditions such as pneumonia, hypothermia, bruised and lacerated paws, upper respiratory infections, frostbite, inflamed wrists, and shoulder injuries. This record racing has taken the lives of nearly 150 dogs. And all this for what? for the large sums of prize money. Irrespective of their health conditions several dogs have been “sled dog myopathy”—literally being run to death. Once their racing days are over many dogs are either abandoned or shot.


The mushers themselves admit the inevitable. But this cannot carry on for long. Due to the pressure from the Peta side Transportation Security Administration pulled out its $85,000 donation, and Chevron and Cabela’s both called it quits prior to 2010’s race. The 2012’s big race is all set to start in another 4 days. Please pass on this message to all your friends and spread the awareness to put an end t this race of shame.

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