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The Khan girls Gauahar and Nigaar Khan stepped out in stripes to fight for the rights of the animals.

The ad was shot by famous photographer Gaurav C Bhat, and the authentic animal skin like outfits were designed and styled by Hazel Paul. Catch the Khan sisters’ PETA shoot at  7 PM on 28 January on UTV Bindass. The girls put on a great show as they were locked up in the cage to simulate the trapped animal and the girls growled to enhance the effect.


The girls in the campeign shared the heart breaking traumas undergone by the caged animals contrary to the freedom that they enjoy in their own natural habitat.

Just as we humans enjoy our environment the animals should be let free to and should no9t be caged in zooz to serve as an entertainment for us is what the behind the bars campeign is for.

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