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Taj and Oberoi, two premier five-star hotel chains in India serve a delicacy that cannot be defined anything natural. Even after exposing the cruelty behind these dishes the hotel restaurants continue to serve these dishes. So let us see the ingredients that make up this exotic dish.



Foie Gras in French translates “Fatty Liver”. This dish is prepared from the enlarged liver of ducks and geese. To achieve this the birds are held captive and are forced with 2 kilo grams of grain and fat up to 3 times a day through pipes into their stomachs. As a result the bird’s livers outgrow its normal size many fold. And this does not end here. With the massive over feeding and swelling of the liver some birds find it hard to even balance their own weight. The forced food sometimes even ruptures their throats and so often is the case where the internal organs of the birds rupture leading to a slow and agonizing death.



This cruel practice has been banned in 16 countries. Even some hotels in India such as the Park Kolkata and Mumbai’s Joss restaurant have opted against this and have also sent their written commitment to Peta to stop serving “ delicacy of Despair”.

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