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A hyena spotted in a well in Maharashtra sent the Animal Rahat team running to aid the trapped animal. It was later found that the hyena was running to save herself from a pack of dogs and incidentally she tumbled in to a 50 foot well.



Fortunately this incident bore a witness who dialed for animal Rahat. The team rescued the hyena and handed over to the Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Centre to check for injuries. After 2 months of rehabilitation and restoring the much needed energy the hyena was released into the wild close to the place where she was found.


The forest dept. states that hyenas from her clan also inhabit the surrounding areas. The forest officers are sure there would have been a happy reunion of the hyena family. Great job by Animal Rahat. This single hyena returned to the forest will go a long way in increasing the population of the wild hyenas.


There are also ways by which we can extend a helping hand. Visit  link for more details.

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