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Draize test, where a test material is applied to an animal’s eyes or skin, regularly an albino rabbit. For Draize eye testing,the test involves observing the effects of the matter at intervals and grading any injure or pain, but the test should be halted and the animal killed if it shows “ongoing signs of severe pain or sorrow”.The Humane Society of the United States writes that the method can cause glow, ulceration, hemorrhaging, confusion, or even blindness.This test has also been criticized by scientists for being mean and mistaken, individual, over-sensitive,and failing to reflect human exposures in the real world.

Animals are used for many purposes and the most common streams in which they are exploited are entertainment,research and fashion. Statistics in the U.S, show that,

  • 32.4% animals are ignored
  • 11.6% are shot dead
  • 11.5% die through harsh or suffocation
  • 9.3% die of poisoning and fighting
  • 7% are beaten up or face theft
  • 5.6% are tortured
  • 2.4% are hunted or thrown away
  • 2.3% are stabbed
  • 2.2% are suffer from burning or drown
  • 1.9% burn due to biting matter
  • 1.8% die from fighting
  • 1.4% illegal buy and sell

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