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  • Each year, more than 10,000 monkeys are shipped to laboratories in the US.
  • Some are traumatically detain in the forest and some are the babies of wild-caught monkeys who are breed on old industrial unit farms in Asia and Africa.
  • On these farms, monkeys go eager are wounded and die.
  • A new mother—while her baby still clings to her.When they are ready to be shipped, monkeys are protected in small shipping crates.
  • a scared monkeys wait on the runway to be loaded onto a plane.
  • Sometimes the monkeys are not provide food, water, or veterinary care and pass on sore and scary deaths during multi-stop journeys that can last more than 30 hours.
  • Those who keep on living the very tiring flights are loaded onto trucks and sent on days-long cross-country trips to laboratories.They are dark, awful places
  • Monkeys are subjected to painful, persistent, and immaterial experiments.
  • Monkeys are hungry and prohibited in order to force them to present in experiments are infected with diseases and are roughly force-fed chemicals and drugs.
  • Their heads are drilled into, and items are screwed into them.. Ultimately, they are killed.
  • These horrors go on, even though more than 90 percent of drugs that pass animal testing be unsuccessful in human trials.
  • Airlines such as US, China, and Philippine Airlines are listening to customers by refusing to ship monkeys to laboratories.
  • And Air France is now the only major airline in the world (!) that still flies monkeys to their deaths.

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