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  • World Animal Protection welcomes the declaration of a new law, banning the use of bears for entertainment.
  • The new legislation is a most important step forward in caring bears – make it against the law to keep and use bears for baiting, dancing and begging, as well as in circuses.
  • our local partners of WAP, to move Pakistan towards a nationwide ban on the prohibited practice of owning wild bears, and the work we continue to do to guide animal protection legislation across the country.
  • This new law sends out a clear message that the days of meanly exploiting bears, for cruel practices such as of bear baiting, are numbered.
  • We systematically speak well of the Sindh regional Government for taking a positive step forward in defensive bears, after an disturbing increase in bear baiting events in the region in current times. We now hope to see other provinces follow suit and wildlife protection laws progress nationwide.
  • The use of bears for entertainment is not only cruel, but has a major shock on wild bear numbers. The ongoing commitment by authorities in Pakistan, will help to bring us closer to keeping bears in the wild, where they belong.
  • The beginning of this laws, in preceding months: resulting in bears being confiscated, and bear owners and event organizers arrested.
  • World Animal Protection continues to work with local partner Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), to go wildlife officials and communities in bear baiting hotspots, meet and share intelligence, reinforce legislation and enforcement, and increase public awareness – to end bear baiting.

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