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A hyena spotted in a well in Maharashtra sent the Animal Rahat team running to aid the trapped animal. It was later found that the hyena was running to save herself from a pack of dogs and incidentally she tumbled in to a 50 foot well.



Fortunately this incident bore a witness who dialed for animal Rahat. The team rescued the hyena and handed over to the Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Centre to check for injuries. After 2 months of rehabilitation and restoring the much needed energy the hyena was released into the wild close to the place where she was found.


The forest dept. states that hyenas from her clan also inhabit the surrounding areas. The forest officers are sure there would have been a happy reunion of the hyena family. Great job by Animal Rahat. This single hyena returned to the forest will go a long way in increasing the population of the wild hyenas.


There are also ways by which we can extend a helping hand. Visit  link for more details.


Taj and Oberoi, two premier five-star hotel chains in India serve a delicacy that cannot be defined anything natural. Even after exposing the cruelty behind these dishes the hotel restaurants continue to serve these dishes. So let us see the ingredients that make up this exotic dish.



Foie Gras in French translates “Fatty Liver”. This dish is prepared from the enlarged liver of ducks and geese. To achieve this the birds are held captive and are forced with 2 kilo grams of grain and fat up to 3 times a day through pipes into their stomachs. As a result the bird’s livers outgrow its normal size many fold. And this does not end here. With the massive over feeding and swelling of the liver some birds find it hard to even balance their own weight. The forced food sometimes even ruptures their throats and so often is the case where the internal organs of the birds rupture leading to a slow and agonizing death.



This cruel practice has been banned in 16 countries. Even some hotels in India such as the Park Kolkata and Mumbai’s Joss restaurant have opted against this and have also sent their written commitment to Peta to stop serving “ delicacy of Despair”.

 Take a look at what Kate Winslet has got to say.


The Wills India fashion week is a fashion mob puller and one of the grand fashion events in India. It dwells big names in fashion such as Fererra, Shantanu and Nikhil, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra.



Peta spots ideas and places which never fail to catch people’s attention and fashion shows is one such opportunity that Peta cannot afford to miss. With the support and the initiative of the FDCI and the much willing designers Peta staged a new idea to depict the plight of caged animals in Zoos on the 15th of Feb. Models clothed in big cats patterned outfits were constricted into cages. Designer Stella McCartney’s contribution and influence seems to have had profound effect to make this possible. “Fashion for Freedom – Boycott Zoos” was the Tag line.


The designers state : Fashion has always been a language through which ideas and notions are presented and Fashion has always enjoyed freedom. The designers and stylists and the whole fashion industry agree that freedom is very often the theme of Fashion. “Wildlife belongs in the wild”, says PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura and expresses her happiness .


Thanks to all the hard work and initiatives the efforts of hundreds of activists to bring about awareness among the Indian public is taking shape.

Passing on a copy of the notice to all the ration shops and oil companies by the Controller of Rationing at the Food and Civil Supplies Department in Mumbai, Peta India officially proudly declared that a legal ban of bullock carts to to transport kerosene in the city. This battle had been going for years now and finally he fight is all worth rejoice the peta activists.


The five year long campaign by Peta India has resulted in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd putting an end to using bullock carts to transport kerosene as of 1 February 2012.



It took several forms of protests to convince the government and the others. Numerous meetings with government officials, demonstrations outside Indian Oil petrol pumps, a disruption of the Oil and Gas Review Summit and International Exhibition by a PETA India supporter and a petition signed by Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Khanna, Raveena Tandon, Eesha Koppikar, Arjun Rampal and other celebrities in November 2010.


“Forcing bullocks, who are often sick and injured, to pull heavy oil carts on busy, hot and fume-filled Mumbai streets is an act of extreme abuse, and we are thrilled to see that the government has now taken steps to put this archaic and illegal practice to an end”, says PETA India Director of Veterinary Affairs Dr Manilal Valliyate. “PETA applauds the government’s action because it will bring much-awaited relief to hundreds of bullocks.”


The city is very hard tackle even to us humans and the inhumane torture that these bulls endure is heart breaking. The owners to make money force these bulls to work, not treat them properly, barely feed them. With the initiative of Peta India and the activists all this has been brought to an end. To get a full idea of the story read this.

Peta is a huge network. The roots are strong and the branches are wide spread. Its branch in India Peta India celebrated the 12th anniversary last month.  Peta India was started in 2000 at Mumbai. It mainly focuses on the areas in India where the animals suffer lots.


Peta has made great progress in India and is also thankful to all the supporters and activists. The Bollywood celebs who have been a part of Peta campaign last year also wish Peta luck. Peta is trying to reach all parts of India to spread the awareness and educate people on animal rights. Peta also encorages the activists to rise their voices against animal cruelty and report any such inhumane acts.

The Khan girls Gauahar and Nigaar Khan stepped out in stripes to fight for the rights of the animals.

The ad was shot by famous photographer Gaurav C Bhat, and the authentic animal skin like outfits were designed and styled by Hazel Paul. Catch the Khan sisters’ PETA shoot at  7 PM on 28 January on UTV Bindass. The girls put on a great show as they were locked up in the cage to simulate the trapped animal and the girls growled to enhance the effect.


The girls in the campeign shared the heart breaking traumas undergone by the caged animals contrary to the freedom that they enjoy in their own natural habitat.

Just as we humans enjoy our environment the animals should be let free to and should no9t be caged in zooz to serve as an entertainment for us is what the behind the bars campeign is for.

Sirumalai in the Dindukal District celebrates mattu pongal with ponies!


Sirumalai is a small village amidst the other famous villages vadipatti, alanganallur and the others. Monday a rather surprising event took place that is unique to this village. As the other villages in the line celebrated mattu pongal thanking the cattle or their harvest the villagers of Sirumalai bathed over 900 ponies and reared them to a common lace and allowed them to graze. They regard their ponies just as the other farmers regard their cattle because the ponies are the souce of their income state the villagers. This village is inhabited by 2000 families and atleast 75% of them own ponies. The Blue Cross conducts a camp every year in this village.

While addressing the crowd at one of the Medical Education Workshop,  organised by Peta, on the “Alternatives to the use of animals in labs ” in JIPMER on !7th of Jan Prof.Raveendran said that the software ExPharm could minimize the use of lab animals. ExPharm is a computer assisted learning software package that aims at cutting down the number of lab animals used for experiments.

Expharm was developed in 1989 but was put to use only in 1994 due to the lack of hardware requirements. The package was first used to demonstrate the effect of drugs in blood pressure and heart rates of dogs.  They developed a set of computer simulated alternatives to animals. The experiments could be repeated and did away with the use of live animals. Prof. Reveendran states that the package is interractive, user friendly and consists of animated sequences that make the experiment seem real. The package can be used for any animal system. The usage of frogs,rats , pigs, mice,rabbits,dogs has gone down, thanks to ExPharm.

With the 1.2 Lakh extended to him Prof.Raveendran distributed 3000 free CDs to colleges in India and abroad. He also distributed 1000 Cds through Mahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp Center for Alternatives to the use of animals in Life Science Education(MGDCA). The software can also be downloaded from the MGDCA website for free . The advanced version ” ExPharm Pro”  is also to hit the commercial markets shortly.

Vandaloor Zoo is the week end hike spot for the kids. But it has its own tragic tales. The death rate of the tiger cubs is alarming. Last July also witnessed the death of a week tiger cubs a few days after their mother abandoned them. 

Actor KArthi issuing cheque for Narmatha        

 But the hard times are starting to fade away as few of the magnanimus doners are adopting the vandaloor zoo wild life. Parithuveeran fame Actor Karthi had offered to adopt a one-and-half-year old white tiger named Namrata and tore off a cheque that would cover six months’ expenses of the


Control animal overpopulation

On September 23rd, Activists of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, urged Kochi Corporation to accomplish their consent to sterilize community dogs. The educational event was part of PETA and DAYA’s efforts to fight animal overpopulation. They were seen handing out leaflets on Animal Birth Control (ABC) and holding placards, which read ‘Cochin, Don’t Be Blind to Dog Suffering, Support Sterilization’.

Activists said controlling animal overpopulation by cruel killing methods will only cause immense suffering and it does not provide effective rabies control or reduce population size in the long term. Even if the law has banned cruel killing of community dogs and necessitate local authorities to sterilize them, PETA has received reports that Kochi’s dogs are being roughly handled and cruelly killed in order to control their population. ABC said “sterilizing one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilizing a female cat can prevent 4.2 lakh births in seven years and when people do not sterilize, their buddy animals, dogs and cats get abandoned on the streets. Sterilizing animals also helps it live longer, healthier and are less likely to roam, fight or bite.

Madhuri Deshmukh, Campaign Coordinator for PETA India said “individuals must sterilize their animal companions in order to reduce the number of them suffering and dying on the street. She also indicated people should always adopt homeless animals instead of buying from pet stores or breeders”.

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