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On 17th September the animal right group People for Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA) has filed a case against the Punjab directorate of animal husbandry for conducting illegal testing’s and experiments on animals which violates law on prevention of cruelty to animals. PETA also got a document stating violation of prevention of cruelty to animal act 1960 under the right to information act as it was not registered as an institute for conducting test and experiments.

PETA also received information that a rabbit is being killed by hitting hammer on the head by the operators under directorate at Punjab veterinary vaccine institute. On Thursday PETA’s senior campaign coordinator Dharmesh Solanki issued an urgent letter to the committee to stop such an illegal act and urging it to take some necessary action against directorate. In the letter to CPCSEA, PETA also mentioned that the directorate is not registered as an institute to where experiments are conducted on animals- a government body which comes under the ministry for environment and forests.

PETA is shocked to know that even government institute are involved in a breach of law. So in the letter, PETA asked CPCSEA to notify all labs in India via newspaper ads, email etc that they should strictly adhere to all rules and regulation regarding experiments on animals and if not then immediate action would be taken against those institute which violates the law.

On Monday, animal right body PETA asked civic authorities of all major cities to install a statue of chicken in prominent locations as “a mark of respect to billions of birds killed for food”.

PETA’s chief functionary Anuradha Sawhney said that “These statues will perhaps convince the people to stop eating chickens” in the letter to civic authorities of all major cities.

Making a forceful plea for mercy towards the bird on the ‘International Chicken Respect Day’ today, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said “billions of chicken were raised on factory farms each year and never have the chance to do anything natural and important.”

The famous Bollywood star John Abraham has planned to open an animal sanctuary on the Maharashtra- Karnataka border in order to provide home for elephants.

This is a very big project which requires the financial support of large corporation and commitment from government. The project is under progress. They are seeking government now in order to fulfill all the rules and regulation to buy the forest land. Elephants all over India need shelter and a habitat.

In Chandigarh, on Tuesday, the activist of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested against cruelty towards poultry birds. A few residents of Chandigarh also participated in the protest. The protestors are blaming mankind’s greed, appetite and food habits for the cruelty towards the poor birds.

Another fact is that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) of being insensitive towards poultry birds, the activists gathered outside a KFC outlet dressed in black as skeletons of dead poultry birds.

According to protesters, KFC is responsible for killing nearly five billion birds every year. “What is the biggest truth behind the KFC is that how they treat the chicken, how they trouble the chicken because in such a small warehouse where one can capture 1-2 chickens, they capture 10-12 chickens and then they process them. At that time they cut their throat. So this protest is against KFC’s cruelty,” said Arkaprava Bhar.

Founded in 2000, the Indian chapter of PETA is dedicated to defend the rights of all animals and propagate the philosophy of animal care.



On Thursday, march 26, 2009 Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon shot for the people for ethical treatment of animals (PETA) with an aim of discouraging the use of leather product.She says she is associated with PETA for last 15 years.

This shoot is basically against the users of leather product because they are unaware of the way leather is made and the way we use it, harms us.

PETA India with all these campaign tries to educate the people against animal abuse and also promote an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

A legal notice as been issued by an advocate of Delhi high court, Raj Panjwani, on behalf of people for ethical treatment of animals (PETA) to the secretary of tourism department, principal chief conservator for forest and the chief wildlife of the warden of Rajasthan questioning the performance by the pachyderms.

In Jaipur, elephant festival is celebrated every year in which elephants are used to entertain the tourist. Before the festival animals are trained in very abusive manner.Here is small information about how elephant festival celebrated in Jaipur:

The Elephant Festival is an inimitable event held annually in Jaipur. Groomed flawlessly, rows of elephants do a catwalk before an enthralled audience liked the best fashion models to make this festival an amazing one. The elephants move with poise in the pageant and finally participate in the spring festival of Holi. It is festival time with elephants, typically celebrated one day before Holi, the Indian festival of colors.

Staged at Chaugan Stadium, Jaipur, elephants put up a variety of programs and the arena is brought alive with musicians and dancers. The crowd, which includes sizable presences of foreign and Indian tourist, electrifies the atmosphere. The festival starts with an impressive procession of the majestic animals lovingly painted and tastefully attired with glittering ornaments and embroidered velvets.

A ceremonial procession is recreated with caparisoned elephants, lancers on horses, chariots, camels, cannons and palanquins. Elephant is the centre of attraction in the many races and beauty pageants.

Most of the participants are female elephants. The mahouts (elephant keepers) take great care to decorate the elephants painting their trunks, foreheads, and feet with floral motifs and adorning them from tusk to tail with interesting trinkets. Female elephants wear anklets and make music as they walk.

The Rajput kings accorded extraordinary importance to the elephants not only during war but also during the royal festivities-a must at royal pageant. Nishan-ka-hathi, the flag bearer, led the procession. The king always mounted a caparisoned elephant. Special hunting programs and elephant fights were organized to entertain the royal guests. Jaipur was a favourite spot with the important personalities of the British Raj and the Maharajas always arranged for their guests of honour elephant rides up to the Amber palace. Even today, the mahouts take tourists up to the Amber Palace on elephant back like shuttle taxis.

Rajasthan Tourism revitalized the ritual by including the Elephant Festival in the cultural calendar. The present-day pageant, originated only a decade ago, was worked out especially with the tourist in mind. Every year on Holi, the old stadium at Jaipur, the Chaugan (originally planned for elephants), makes the setting for a stunning fete.

The animal welfare board of India (AWBI) is now being tough for the use the animal in the films. The AWBI has banned the use of monkey, tiger’s lions and panthers in the movies.

Most of all the movie makers initially ignored the AWBI guidelines. The guidelines were -objection to shoot animals while making movies.

We must appreciate the effort taken by Indian government against one form of animal abuse.An animal smiling on screen, is not  to be fooled to think that the animal is actually smiling. They are trained to smile by physical violence and starvation. There is greater pleasure in seeing animals running free in their natural habitat.

Don’t shoot the animals for the sake of entertainment!

A number of national celebrities joined PETA to ban on bullock pulled oil carts on the street of Mumbai. The famous Bollywood star that came forward is Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Khanna, Raveena Tandon, Eesha Koppikar, Arjun Rampal, Rahul Dev, Avanti Birla, Sandiip Sikcand and others.

Following are some abuses which PETA investigated:

  1. Bullocks are made to stand for hours without proper shelter. They are not given proper food and water.
  2. Injured bullocks do not receive any proper veterinary care and still they are forced to pulled heavy kerosene tankers.
  3. All the bullocks are kept in very unhygienic conditions.

After seeing such a terrible treatment towards bullocks, it purely indicates that human being is selfish. They just use the animal till they are in position to serve them and later on they throws them to some corner of the street.

Formal request of PETA has made the oil companies to issue a letter to the Controller of Rationing through the Maharashtra State Level Coordinator Shri RK Panda of Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Ltd, to discontinue the use of bullock pulled oil carts.

A signed petition by all bollywood star to protest:



For centuries, India’s snake charmers have enjoyed a celebrated place in the country’s history. The hypnotic tunes they played to enchant snakes to dance have not only captured the imagination of Indians, but people all around. But now the industry is fighting for its survival amid stringent wildlife protection laws.

The government has banned the snake charmers to perform a show. They simply mislead the people around the world. They make the people believe that with the help of tune they play they make the snake dance but the fact is that snake has no hearing capability. They cannot listen to any sound as that sense is not present in them. They just move their head by seeing that instrument moving and feeling the vibration of it. The vibration sensitivity is very strong in them. They can detect the animal approaching to them through the faint vibration in the air and on the ground.

Snake yield nearly 12 grams of venom at single strike. On an average, snake yield venom of worth rupees 20 million in a lifespan of eight years. The snake charmers extract the venom and sell the same to private firm for which they are paid well. But in turn companies sell it the same to the pharmaceutical companies at much higher rate.

Snake charmers having lived with reptiles since childhood know only handling snakes and holding public show. So the strong measures adopted by police for last decade or so have put them in a difficult situation.

Snake charmers with their generation of knowledge of snakes should be employed in remote health centers where doctors are not available to treat a bite. Government should take this in to consideration after the ban in order to earn in better way rather than abusing the snake and misleading the people around the world.

Celina Jaitly, who is hot, hotter and hottest, has just shot for an ad for PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals) in an effort to create awareness about the cruelty endured to elephant in captivity. The interesting ad with tagline as “Shackled, Beaten, Abused”, has been shot by the photographer Rakesh Shrestha.

Celina said in Mumbai and many parts of India, I have seen many elephants in a very terrible condition in captivity. PETA has taken a very good step and proud to be a part of this wonderful cause.

PETA says condition in captivity is so bad that they cannot even provide basic need to elephants. They are locked up with the chain like a criminal though they have not committed any crime.

Celina truly believes in the saying “Beauty is just skin-deep and what’s’ the use of a beauty that doesn’t serve any purpose”. PETA says we are proud to have people around us in Bollywood who care so much for animals.

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