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Here is an assignment to all the Peta supporters. A small, interesting and a very powerful protest against fur.

 Peta is requesting all the activists to own a whistle and blow it to express disgust on those who consider it fashionable.


There are also V necked t-shirts to spread the message.  

Be bold and click and record the protests and make them available to the public.

 BE active in social sites and play your pat in spreading the message.

 Airlines are flying animals around the globe for transporting them to labs for the experiments conducted on them. Peta has been active in pressurizing the airlines to stop this. TAM and Hainan Airlines have now declared that they will no longer transport primates for the lab testing purposes.


This is one step closer to stopping the experiments conducted on animals. But this should not stop here. We need more participation from the activists to put an end to all this once and for all. Please do your bit by filling out this form here.

Thailand’s pride is crowned by the largest land mammals. Elephants have always been an integral part of their culture.



The authorities noticed two dead elephants in restricted national park. They suspected the intrusion of the poachers. On further investigation the sickening truth was revealed. The people seemed to have developed a taste for the elephant meat.



The elephants are being slaughtered in large numbers to satisfy this meat demands. The poachers are selling the elephant trunks which are of good value, and the rest of the elephant is ending up on the plate right from elephant foot, the bones to the reproductive organs. The urge to satisfy their taste buds proved stronger than the will to respect their culture.



This new trend has accelerted the possible extinction of the elephants and has laid more pressure on these gentle giants to wage a losing battle against their lives.

Olivia has been an active Peta Supporter. Again in an exclusive interview for Peta she brings into light the plight of the gentle giants behind the circus screens.



People for ethical treatment of animals (PETA) activists protested against Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in New Delhi for cruelty towards chicken and birds.

They showed a live demonstration of cruelty towards them. The protestors dressed themselves as Chickens and carried posters which read “boycott KFC”. PETA wants KFC to adopt animal friendly policy.

The PETA India activist Arkudh Prabhu said that “people want only the breast of the chicken that’s why they inject different kinds of hormones to make the breast heavy. But for this purpose there thin legs are crippled and broken and are ill-treated.”

PETA India has been defending animal rights since 2000 and whenever they tried to tell KFC to adopt animal friendly policy, they simply ignore it. Well hope that this demonstration act as in added advantage to make KFC understand better.

these famous bollywood star work actively to promote awareness and prevention of cruelty towards animals. these star has become an inspiration for other people who tend to treat animals cruelly. though having very hi-profile career they work actively for the welfare of the animals. i really appreciate gesture nad support towards animal cruelty.

On Thursday in Burlington, a naked woman with body painted as snake skin walks aound with the hopes that local shoppers will help the snake remain in the jungle.

The local People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals chapter describes as a “Naked PETA Beauty” and she will show her naked body at the corner of church and main streets Thursday starting at noon in hopes of raising awareness for PETA causes. Hunt said that “she will be glad to bare some of her skin if that can save the animals skin.”

Hunt also wants people not to buy exotic animal skin boots and clothes. She also said that said shoppers should know that exotic animals are skinned alive, beaten to death, or killed for their skins in other cruel ways.

PETA promotes Hunt’s effort by announcing that most of the leather sold in United States comes from cows. The other species like snakes, alligators and kangaroos are are hunted and killed particularly for their skin.

A PETA volunteer goes topless with green painted skin at K Street on St. Patrick’s day to protest against fashion made from exotic animals.

Meggan Anderson by revealing the scaly body wants to pass a message that “Exotic skins belong in jungle, not on your skin”. Anderson along with the other member of PETA held the protest from to 1 p.m.

The representatives of PETA Jena Hunt say that exotic animals such as snakes, alligators, and kangaroos are often skinned alive or killed in other cruel ways for merchandise.

In the statement of Jena Hunt he said “We’re asking Sacramento residents to take a bite out of cruelty by giving snakeskin and other exotic leather the boot.”

PETA member will protest outside the Kentucky Center on Tuesday holding the board that read “David Novak Tortures Animals.”


From the undercover investigation, PETA member will screen graphic video footage of KFC supplier slaughterhouses. This action is taken in order to expose KFC for the abusive treatment of chickens in factory farms and slaughterhouses.


Nearly one billion chickens are killed every year. This could result in animal cruelty charges if any other animal were the victims. Chickens in the slaughter house are drugged to grow large and many of the chicken become by the weight of their upper body. Their throat while they are still conscious.


PETA’s Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says that “KFC stands for cruelty.” People should boycott the place that refuses to stop the worst abuses to the chicken.


PETA is actually asking for the Keene city council to pass an ordinance on banning the chaining of dogs because 6-years old girl was mauled by pit bull last month.

Mayor Roy Robinson got a letter on Tuesday, according to which Billie Jean Cain was attacked last month by dog, when the dog got himself free from the chain. Candace Hertzel, legislative and outreach specialist for the animal rights organization, said PETA received many e-mails and phone calls about the attack.

Hertzel said, a chained dog is three times more dangerous than unchained dogs and also they are most likely to attack. That’s why we reach out in those situations. Dogs are very social animals and chaining them can lead to frustration and territorial behavior. In the community like Keene it’s difficult to keep dog from roaming because there are many homes on large lots.

Robinson said it’s different in cities as I would not think of chaining a dog unless there is no other option left to me. But it will create a problem if we will not let anyone to chain a dog. The city has a small shelter which means that animals can’t be kept for a long time.

She said she hopes Keene will follow the lead of other Texas cities, such as Fort Worth, Irving and Dallas, which do not allow the dogs to be tethered outdoors except in limited circumstances.

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