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  • Approximately a million birds be criminally killed in just 2 months on a BMB last year.
  • The RSPB’s international director, called on the Ministry of Defence(MOD) to do extra to end local poachers, who reportedly took 15,000 birds every day during September and October from SBA.
  • The statement highlights the prohibited trapping of songbirds on the British military base has escalated and we are point of view the MOD and the Base Area authorities to resolve it before this autumn’s relocation.
  • While the MOD extra the result and questioned the way of the evaluation.
  • We do not agree to the report’s untested claims about loss of bird life in this time, which was based upon data collected from a extremely small time.
  • We are dedicated to tackling poaching which is why we under arrest nearly 50 poachers and seized 450 nets and 286 piece of poaching tools in the last relocation time. When we catch poachers we can fine them 17,000 Euro, or send them to prison for up to three years. We continue to work with local organizations to talk about how we can work as well as potential.
  • RSPB overseas territory team leader said the MOD had signed off on the 12 year old survey’s methodology and that, if anything, the numbers were traditional.
  • It is unfortunate to be surprised something which they already received. We are sure that the method is as robust as we can make it, dC1C8CFoes permit valid year on year comparisons, and that our real priority is to direct force towards solve the problem.
  • The RSPB believe that planned crime groups are now involved in the sale of the birds’ meat as a black market delicacy. Their monitors have noted the large level planting of acacia scrub that both attracts birds and creates corridors for poachers’ nets to hang.
  • Every autumn, huge number of songbirds use Cyprus as a place to rest and feed as they travel south. For centuries Cypriots have hunted the birds each September and October to make a local dish called Ambelopoulia.
  • Usually trapping was done using twigs enclosed in sticky lime that birds would land on and be not capable to get away. But the innovation of large-scale, unsystematic netting technique that capture thousands of birds, including threatened species, lead to the outlawing of both the dish and the hunting in 1974.
  • Even though the ban, those in the know can still find Ambelopoulia in the local tavernas and illegal require is driving number of birds killed to unparalleled levels. The RSPB said the amount of birds captured in Dhekelia has tripled since their monitoring started in 2002.
  • The bulk of the birds captured by the poachers are ordinary genus such as robin and blackcap and the practice of netting them has unimportant effect on their protection. The RSPB said the practice is difficult because it also captures rare group including the Cyprus wheatear and Cyprus warbler.
  • The SBA is home to about 16,000 people, half of them British military personnel and half Cypriots. The RSPB has suggested the MOD is loathe to come down too hard on the poachers because it will antagonize the local community.

Iditarod race that forces dogs to run hundreds of miles can cause serious health problems not only during the race but also even after the race when they fail to recover from the strenuous combat.

Running hundreds of miles in the snow, pulling the ledge, competing, working with the pack can be so stressful for the dogs. It can also cause serious health conditions such as pneumonia, hypothermia, bruised and lacerated paws, upper respiratory infections, frostbite, inflamed wrists, and shoulder injuries. This record racing has taken the lives of nearly 150 dogs. And all this for what? for the large sums of prize money. Irrespective of their health conditions several dogs have been “sled dog myopathy”—literally being run to death. Once their racing days are over many dogs are either abandoned or shot.


The mushers themselves admit the inevitable. But this cannot carry on for long. Due to the pressure from the Peta side Transportation Security Administration pulled out its $85,000 donation, and Chevron and Cabela’s both called it quits prior to 2010’s race. The 2012’s big race is all set to start in another 4 days. Please pass on this message to all your friends and spread the awareness to put an end t this race of shame.

Peta has recognized those companies that put animal welfare first and has always maintained a long list of companies that have dropped tests on animals upon Peta’s request. Those companies have also enjoyed the support of Peta and the consumers have been proud to have done their bit by purchasing these cruel free products.



But recently lured by the prospective Chinese market a few companies have stepped away from the honor. Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder major cosmetic companies that have been topping the list have now gone back on their words to grab their chance at the Chinese market. The Chinese government grants permit only on those products that have been tested on animals.


The surprising factor is that when the Chinese government demanded for the animal testing Avon and Estée Lauder din’t even bother to urge the Chinese government for a discussion to bypass or find another possible way to prevent the animal testing. Mary Kay seemed to have been talks with the Chinese government. While probing over this issue Peta has decided to step them down from the non cruelty list of companies.


Peta has stepped in and is funding the efforts of  Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), which is putting together a coalition of corporate experts, providing training for scientists in China in the use of non-animal test methods, and working with officials there to promote the acceptance of non-animal methods that are used in the U.S., the European Union, and much of the world. But the happy fact is that there are still around 1000 cosmetic big shots still enjoying Peta’s support.

Peta has undertaken another mission. This time its bound to attract the attention of the animal lovers all over the world. Peta has always urged its activists to be loud and clear without fear. And now Peta has brought to light the inhumane killing of homeless animals in Ukraine.



The practice in Ukraine to kill the homeless animals can be stated nothing less than barbaric. The question arises “Would you do that if it were your pet?” This does not end here. The common practice is to poison the animals and to throw their bodies into crimation trucks or set them on fire when they are still very much alive ! Stats states that already 20,000 dogs have been killed similarly.


The authorities are trying to idy up their country for the European Football Championship. Peta is also seeking the participation from the European Football association. Many German football players have openly stated their support for Peta and are expressing their disgust against these cruel actions of the Ukranean Government.  If bringing down the animal population or the homeless animal population is the motive then this can be done using scientific methods.

  • Population control can be done . This though will not reflect results immediately in few years time massive reduction population is garenteed.  
  • Instead of buying animals from the pet store people can adopt the ones from the street and also provide them with cozy homes.


Simple means can ensure solution to this problem. We as activists should present these to the authorities and persuade them to adopt the most animal friendly way to sort this problem. Show your concern by filling out your response here.

Peta’s Love for animals is never ending. Peta activists have proved it once again at Vancouver’s bustling Burrard and Robson intersection. As a Valentine’s Day special note Peta activists drew attention to themselves by launching an in bed protest against Fur. Two nearly naked activists Diana Mendoza and David Shirk posed from the bed as they were flocked by more activists holding banners that flashed “Fur—Out! Love—In!”


Valentine’s day is special, spreading the message of love is important, Peta does it in its own unique style and that has time and again proved to grab people’s attention. But all this effort is to shun the use of animal skin such as fur and leather.

Peta is a huge network. The roots are strong and the branches are wide spread. Its branch in India Peta India celebrated the 12th anniversary last month.  Peta India was started in 2000 at Mumbai. It mainly focuses on the areas in India where the animals suffer lots.


Peta has made great progress in India and is also thankful to all the supporters and activists. The Bollywood celebs who have been a part of Peta campaign last year also wish Peta luck. Peta is trying to reach all parts of India to spread the awareness and educate people on animal rights. Peta also encorages the activists to rise their voices against animal cruelty and report any such inhumane acts.

The Khan girls Gauahar and Nigaar Khan stepped out in stripes to fight for the rights of the animals.

The ad was shot by famous photographer Gaurav C Bhat, and the authentic animal skin like outfits were designed and styled by Hazel Paul. Catch the Khan sisters’ PETA shoot at  7 PM on 28 January on UTV Bindass. The girls put on a great show as they were locked up in the cage to simulate the trapped animal and the girls growled to enhance the effect.


The girls in the campeign shared the heart breaking traumas undergone by the caged animals contrary to the freedom that they enjoy in their own natural habitat.

Just as we humans enjoy our environment the animals should be let free to and should no9t be caged in zooz to serve as an entertainment for us is what the behind the bars campeign is for.

Peta mails the  Rochester Mayor Thomas S. Richards a deal – ”  PETA will help the city save money by clearing all the sidewalks around City Hall after the city’s next snowstorm if the mayor grants permission to stencil its anti-chaining ad on the sidewalk“.

The imposing ad reads “Chained Dog? A Chilling Tail.” Peta aims to eradicate the practice of chaining dogs in the chilly outdoors starved, deprived and cold swept. This ad will remind the cold owners to  save a warm corner for thier pets during the bad winter in Rochester . 


Thailand’s pride is crowned by the largest land mammals. Elephants have always been an integral part of their culture.



The authorities noticed two dead elephants in restricted national park. They suspected the intrusion of the poachers. On further investigation the sickening truth was revealed. The people seemed to have developed a taste for the elephant meat.



The elephants are being slaughtered in large numbers to satisfy this meat demands. The poachers are selling the elephant trunks which are of good value, and the rest of the elephant is ending up on the plate right from elephant foot, the bones to the reproductive organs. The urge to satisfy their taste buds proved stronger than the will to respect their culture.



This new trend has accelerted the possible extinction of the elephants and has laid more pressure on these gentle giants to wage a losing battle against their lives.


WWE star Daniel Bryan bagged the Libby Award from Peta 2 for Most Animal-Friendly Athlete. The wrestler thanks the vegan diet for his endurance and his light body to stand up for the punishing physical workouts. He comments that it was his diet that helped control the body fat and says that he also feels proud and happy to be able to contribute for the betterment of the animals in his ad for Peta 2.


The other nominees include Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley; Strike force mixed martial arts champ Jake Shields, and Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee. The winner among this was chosen based on the votes that he received for his contributions towards animal love and for their betterment, his enthusiasm to work for the same cause and feedback from their fans.

To get more information on the nominees and winners check out Peta 2 site .

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