A hyena spotted in a well in Maharashtra sent the Animal Rahat team running to aid the trapped animal. It was later found that the hyena was running to save herself from a pack of dogs and incidentally she tumbled in to a 50 foot well.



Fortunately this incident bore a witness who dialed for animal Rahat. The team rescued the hyena and handed over to the Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Centre to check for injuries. After 2 months of rehabilitation and restoring the much needed energy the hyena was released into the wild close to the place where she was found.


The forest dept. states that hyenas from her clan also inhabit the surrounding areas. The forest officers are sure there would have been a happy reunion of the hyena family. Great job by Animal Rahat. This single hyena returned to the forest will go a long way in increasing the population of the wild hyenas.


There are also ways by which we can extend a helping hand. Visit  link for more details.

Iditarod race that forces dogs to run hundreds of miles can cause serious health problems not only during the race but also even after the race when they fail to recover from the strenuous combat.

Running hundreds of miles in the snow, pulling the ledge, competing, working with the pack can be so stressful for the dogs. It can also cause serious health conditions such as pneumonia, hypothermia, bruised and lacerated paws, upper respiratory infections, frostbite, inflamed wrists, and shoulder injuries. This record racing has taken the lives of nearly 150 dogs. And all this for what? for the large sums of prize money. Irrespective of their health conditions several dogs have been “sled dog myopathy”—literally being run to death. Once their racing days are over many dogs are either abandoned or shot.


The mushers themselves admit the inevitable. But this cannot carry on for long. Due to the pressure from the Peta side Transportation Security Administration pulled out its $85,000 donation, and Chevron and Cabela’s both called it quits prior to 2010’s race. The 2012’s big race is all set to start in another 4 days. Please pass on this message to all your friends and spread the awareness to put an end t this race of shame.


Taj and Oberoi, two premier five-star hotel chains in India serve a delicacy that cannot be defined anything natural. Even after exposing the cruelty behind these dishes the hotel restaurants continue to serve these dishes. So let us see the ingredients that make up this exotic dish.



Foie Gras in French translates “Fatty Liver”. This dish is prepared from the enlarged liver of ducks and geese. To achieve this the birds are held captive and are forced with 2 kilo grams of grain and fat up to 3 times a day through pipes into their stomachs. As a result the bird’s livers outgrow its normal size many fold. And this does not end here. With the massive over feeding and swelling of the liver some birds find it hard to even balance their own weight. The forced food sometimes even ruptures their throats and so often is the case where the internal organs of the birds rupture leading to a slow and agonizing death.



This cruel practice has been banned in 16 countries. Even some hotels in India such as the Park Kolkata and Mumbai’s Joss restaurant have opted against this and have also sent their written commitment to Peta to stop serving “ delicacy of Despair”.

 Take a look at what Kate Winslet has got to say.


Here is an assignment to all the Peta supporters. A small, interesting and a very powerful protest against fur.

 Peta is requesting all the activists to own a whistle and blow it to express disgust on those who consider it fashionable.


There are also V necked t-shirts to spread the message.  

Be bold and click and record the protests and make them available to the public.

 BE active in social sites and play your pat in spreading the message.

 Airlines are flying animals around the globe for transporting them to labs for the experiments conducted on them. Peta has been active in pressurizing the airlines to stop this. TAM and Hainan Airlines have now declared that they will no longer transport primates for the lab testing purposes.


This is one step closer to stopping the experiments conducted on animals. But this should not stop here. We need more participation from the activists to put an end to all this once and for all. Please do your bit by filling out this form here.

Peta has recognized those companies that put animal welfare first and has always maintained a long list of companies that have dropped tests on animals upon Peta’s request. Those companies have also enjoyed the support of Peta and the consumers have been proud to have done their bit by purchasing these cruel free products.



But recently lured by the prospective Chinese market a few companies have stepped away from the honor. Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder major cosmetic companies that have been topping the list have now gone back on their words to grab their chance at the Chinese market. The Chinese government grants permit only on those products that have been tested on animals.


The surprising factor is that when the Chinese government demanded for the animal testing Avon and Estée Lauder din’t even bother to urge the Chinese government for a discussion to bypass or find another possible way to prevent the animal testing. Mary Kay seemed to have been talks with the Chinese government. While probing over this issue Peta has decided to step them down from the non cruelty list of companies.


Peta has stepped in and is funding the efforts of  Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), which is putting together a coalition of corporate experts, providing training for scientists in China in the use of non-animal test methods, and working with officials there to promote the acceptance of non-animal methods that are used in the U.S., the European Union, and much of the world. But the happy fact is that there are still around 1000 cosmetic big shots still enjoying Peta’s support.

The Wills India fashion week is a fashion mob puller and one of the grand fashion events in India. It dwells big names in fashion such as Fererra, Shantanu and Nikhil, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra.



Peta spots ideas and places which never fail to catch people’s attention and fashion shows is one such opportunity that Peta cannot afford to miss. With the support and the initiative of the FDCI and the much willing designers Peta staged a new idea to depict the plight of caged animals in Zoos on the 15th of Feb. Models clothed in big cats patterned outfits were constricted into cages. Designer Stella McCartney’s contribution and influence seems to have had profound effect to make this possible. “Fashion for Freedom – Boycott Zoos” was the Tag line.


The designers state : Fashion has always been a language through which ideas and notions are presented and Fashion has always enjoyed freedom. The designers and stylists and the whole fashion industry agree that freedom is very often the theme of Fashion. “Wildlife belongs in the wild”, says PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura and expresses her happiness .


Thanks to all the hard work and initiatives the efforts of hundreds of activists to bring about awareness among the Indian public is taking shape.

Peta has undertaken another mission. This time its bound to attract the attention of the animal lovers all over the world. Peta has always urged its activists to be loud and clear without fear. And now Peta has brought to light the inhumane killing of homeless animals in Ukraine.



The practice in Ukraine to kill the homeless animals can be stated nothing less than barbaric. The question arises “Would you do that if it were your pet?” This does not end here. The common practice is to poison the animals and to throw their bodies into crimation trucks or set them on fire when they are still very much alive ! Stats states that already 20,000 dogs have been killed similarly.


The authorities are trying to idy up their country for the European Football Championship. Peta is also seeking the participation from the European Football association. Many German football players have openly stated their support for Peta and are expressing their disgust against these cruel actions of the Ukranean Government.  If bringing down the animal population or the homeless animal population is the motive then this can be done using scientific methods.

  • Population control can be done . This though will not reflect results immediately in few years time massive reduction population is garenteed.  
  • Instead of buying animals from the pet store people can adopt the ones from the street and also provide them with cozy homes.


Simple means can ensure solution to this problem. We as activists should present these to the authorities and persuade them to adopt the most animal friendly way to sort this problem. Show your concern by filling out your response here.

Warning ! People with feeble heart please avoid watching this video…


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